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Put Your Home to Work for You With 1st Choice Automation

What Can We Automate for You? 

1st Choice Automation designs, installs, and supports integrated, whole-house smart home automation systems. Every system we install is customized and tailored to your needs and wishes.   We put your home to work for you, adding comfort, convenience, security, and making your life easier, even while saving energy!

The ability to monitor and control your home from the “palm of your hand” is very useful and powerful, but this is only one of the ways that our customers can interact with their 1st Choice Automated home. Our systems also are programmed to perform many functions automatically, and when you are home, they can respond to voice commands via the Amazon Echo (Alexa) product that we fully integrate into any our installations, as well as by simply pushing buttons on your wall or tabletop keypads.

1st Choice Automation smart home systems are designed to provide Home Automation for all budgets. Our systems: 

  • Are affordable, simple to use and ultra-reliable
  • Are professionally installed, full-featured home automation systems
  • Are not do-it-yourself kits that require technical skills
  • Are not security company add-ons that tie you to an expensive monitoring contract – No monthly fees...EVER!
  • Are fully custom – automate as little of as much as you want – make changes anytime.

If you can imagine it, it can be done with 1st Choice Automation. Contact us today to arrange your free in-home consultation.

Security and Property Protection

At the office, at the beach, or anywhere around the world, secure IP cameras allow you to see inside and outside your home using any internet connection anywhere.

 Alarm System Status and Control 

Know the status and control your security system whether you are home in bed, at work, or out of town.

Security Cameras 

Secure IP cameras allow you to see inside and outside your home from any ​internet connection anywhere whether you are in the office, on the beach, or anywhere around the world.

Total Entry Door Control

See who is at your door, talk to them, and even remotely unlock and lock your door from your smartphone to let friends or repair people in. No more keys "hidden" under rocks.

Total Garage Door Control 

Have you ever left your garage door open after dark? Or even all night? Not sure you closed the door when you drove away? See the status of you garage door and open or close it from your smartphone or any web connected device from anywhere.

Automatic Leak Detection and Water Shut-Off

Millions are spent annually repairing damage caused by plumbing water leaks in homes and vacation homes. Install 1st Choice Automation leak sensors and an automatic waterline shut off valve and quit worrying.

Climate Control

1st Choice Automation takes climate control to a new level of comfort and energy saving.

  • Programs adjust automatically for day/night, seasons, and family schedules.
  • One-touch settings for events like parties, workouts, vacations, etc.
  • Make adjustments from anywhere, anytime, with your smartphone, iPad, or computer.

Smart Lighting and Window Treatments

1st Choice Automated’s smart lighting treatments are every bit as much about energy efficiency and security as they are about getting maximum comfort and enjoyment from your home.

  • Smart lighting adapts your home for reading or working on your computer, for ambiance as you relax or entertain, and for safety after dark.
  • Unlock the lighting options that live between on and off, and reduce energy usage without sacrificing comfort or style.
  • Daily, whole-house lighting, which runs unattended, is a great property protection tool because the house is never dark at night and always looks occupied whether you are home or not. Never come home to a dark house.
  • Automating motorized window shades from popular manufacturers provides convenience and privacy, conserves energy by managing thermal gain or loss, and protects furnishings from sun damage.

For Seniors and Their Caregivers

Enjoy comfort, convenience, and peace of mind. For the senior, simple, one button, bedside or chairside control of lights, front door lock, HVAC controls, etc.

For caregivers and loved ones, peace of mind with discreet sensor monitoring and alerts sent to your phone if motion sensors for activity and opening and closing of the refrigerator door, medication storage cabinet or drawer, bathroom door, etc., are not detected during the hours when the senior is normally active. Types and frequency of notifications can be fully customized.

Automated Plant Watering

This is perfect for those who have potted plants, hanging baskets or window boxes but are out of town or just too busy to attend to them regularly.

What Else Can 1st Choice Automation Automate for You?

The answer is just about anything you can imagine, but here are a few more ideas: 

  • Use the Geo Fencing Capabilities of Your Smartphone to Turn On Lights, Adjust Thermostats, etc. Just Before You Arrive Home and Reverse the Process After You Leave Home
  • Home Theaters – One Button Push and… It’s Showtime!
  • Fountains and Other Water Features
  • Swimming Pools – Remotely Control, Cleaning, Heating, and Motorized Covers
  • Holiday Decoration Lighting
  • Appliances
  • Skylights
  • Gates
  • Fireplaces
  • Pet Doors...
...and There Is So Much More

What would you like to automate?  Contact us today to explore the possibilities and get your free in-home consultation! Call 703-304-0727. 

1st Choice Automation

Phone: 703-304-0727


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